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Fear and Focus


Science tells us that everything is energy – this includes your thought, so be careful what you focus your attention on today!

A frightened mind doesn’t think logically. A frightened mind focusses on and is dominated by the problem that is frightening it. A frightened mind feeds its own fear. An undisiplind mind can frighten you to death – or at the very least, into illness.

If you think of fear as a parasite, then every single time you experience a gut-churning reaction – it’s food and drink to this parasite! A big beef steak!

The Universal Law of like attracting like is very powerful. If you think you are going to have a difficult day – guess what you will attract! You are a magnet…

Your emotions are a good indication of what your are mentally dwelling on.

So, keep your mind focussed on what you want to happen – not on what you don’t want to happen. Simple!

Make this a magical day…

Ask for, focus on, anticipate happening only what you want to attract and say ‘thank you’ at the same time that you ask for it!


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