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Groove and grave


So you have enjoyed a real surge of power through focused thinking and everything seems to be going your way – then your optimism and confidence takes a nose dive… Don’t panic. This is just your old way of life,  manipulated by your ‘out of control imagination,’ demanding that you slot back into the old groove of anxiety that it knows and loves so well – and was in charge of! You are trying to put it out of a job. No wonder it’s fighting back!

This is the groove and the grave syndrome. The only difference between these two, is the depth!

Be sure of this. As you keep your resolve these panic attacks will weaken. You are not alone. You have an entire worldwide Silva family, programming for the betterment of mankind – and that includes you.

So if you feel a bit overwhelmed, know it’s temporary, have a lie down and smile! Smiling makes you feel and look better…


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