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You, the Human Magnet

Human Magnet cover_crop2There is a Universal Law of Like attracting like and nothing is exempt from it.

The wisest and most successful people throughout history including Jesus,Plato, William Blake, Goethe, and in modern times, Jose Silva, founder of the Silva Method and Earnest Holmes, found of Science of Mind, understood that ‘what you focus on your get more of.’

Reality is as easy to manipulate as soft plastic. The difference is that you manipulate it with the power, not of the hand but of the mind – for what you believe, right or wrong, is your reality and you will act accordingly.

If you want a better life, you need a strong mind, and you need to be in charge of it! Silva Mind Training, gives you that control; a mind and imagination that works for you and not one that creates ‘realities’ that leave feeling powerless and inadequate. And with the Silva Method, all that success requires is you attention!

If you believe that there will be a ‘second coming’ a ‘Saviour’ who will fix everything that is wrong with life on earth – I think you are right!   ‘The Second Coming’ is a fact and long overdue, but get used to the idea – you are it!

Jesus said: “Whatever I do, you can do, and more.”

It’s D.I.Y time folks!

This pocket size self help book is now available in paperback format from:

Lulu.com and on ebooks Kindle and Kobo  and can be viewed on p.c., phone., and tablet etc..



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  1. B.C. says:

    June Kidd’s book is uplifting, exciting and empowering. I fully agree with the concept of the “Second Coming” being not that of a physical return of Jesus, but of his ascended spirit manifesting through each and every one of us open to receiving it. The well known messages are protrayed in a new, yet simple light, and provides a perfect explanation of some of the more cryptic statements and also those which seem so plain that they must have originally had a deeper meaning for them to have ever been recorded as significant. Easy to read and suitable for all – this is not a religious book just for Christians.

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