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 “UNSHRIVEN 1663 – 1963”Unshriven June Kidd author Silva Method

This is a true adventure in time and space experienced by using the Silva Method.

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Unshriven is also a tale for winter nights, mystery, 17th century history, a small hamlet, ghosts, a herbalist accused of witchcraft, lowly cottages and manor houses, deep snow, roaring log fires and unrequited love reaching across 300 years to expose a tragic miscarriage of justice before, finally, a blessing over a small unmarked headstone.

Written as fiction this tale proves to be true…! Photographs in the book prove that fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

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Geraldine Beskin, proprietor of The Atlantis Book Shop in London, says:

There hasn’t been a book like Unshriven, for 10 years!

Viktória Gy. Duda, Zenith Lifestyle

June is an exceptional writer, who uses meditation and visualisation for connecting with a higher state of mind. She is a graduate of the Silva Method, one the world’s most successful and widely acknowledged personal growth and mind development programs. The Silva course has helped her not just to overcome her dyslexia virtually overnight, but to write from a heightened state of awareness. As a result of that, her novel Unshriven, written as fiction, has turned out to be historic fact.


This intriguing story of village detection set in 1963, in a hamlet near Shakespeare’s Stratford on Avon, that became the link to a true story that reached across 300 years to the twentieth century for resolution.

Unshriven is a true and factual account of an extraordinary happening in the life of the author, June Kidd. As a writer with dyslexia, having completed a course of ‘Imagination, Meditation and Mental Discipline’ (The Silva Method), June found that not only could she now spell, but that she had also developed a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity.’

Living in the Middle East at the time and working on a novel set in 1963 near Shakespeare’s Stratford-on-Avon, this most extraordinary gift was to result in June writing the 17th century biographies of Rachel and Hannah Myer. (June sometimes refers to this as a dictated autobiography and regards herself as merely the typist.) Their story was one of brutal murder, the panic of plague, a tragic miscarriage of justice, the binding power of unrequited love and a death-bed vow: never to rest until the truth is told and the shame lifted from the family name.

Assuming this saga had emanated from her free-wheeling imagination, on returning to the United Kingdom June found herself following a most bizarre trail of coincidence, and discovered that her fictitious story was provable and previously unknown 17th century church and village history. A miscarriage of justice committed at that time was reaching across the centuries for resolution by the Church, requiring her intervention. This took place in 2010.

In March 2011, The Rev. John Beckett, ordained minister of the Church of England, read prayers at the grave side of Rachel Myer.

June said that, following the clues in the book she had written; researching manorial and church records and village and town archives, was like following a mini Da Vinci trail! In the book she has used the old names of places where the events took place but with a little research, everything can be traced. Photographs of actual places and people, are in the book.

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The Pruning of the Vine is a work in progress. It is set in the same location as Unshriven just one year later and is ideal for a film as it features three middle-aged women and a location untouched by time.

Rachel Myer gravestone Unshriven

The smallest gravestone without a name at the far end is that of Rachel Myer

Whitetune Manor Unshriven

Whitetune Manor

Sennington Manor church graveyard

Back of Sennington Manor and corner of the church. Family vaults and line of gravestones. The last stone is Rachel Myer’s final resting place

Reverend John Beckett Sennington Manor Rachel Myer grave

Rev. John Beckett at the gravestone of Rachel Myer at the back of Sennington Manor

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