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Listen to June’s interview on the ‘Metaphysical Podcast’ hosted by Viktoria Duda, and titled ‘Beyond Imagination’. Read more about Viktoria and her work as a writer, researcher and hypnotherapist on her website.

Letters to Graduates

First letter: Subject: Invitation to Reflect from English Author.

From June Kidd, Silva Ambassador U.K.

To members of the Silva Method family world wide.

Many of you will know my story, that I (a dyslexic), by using the Silva Method, Mirror of the Mind technique, learned to spell virtually overnight and became an author at the age of 40+! Every amazing breakthrough encouraged me to practice and take more advanced training, and after each confidence building success, I would ask myself: What more am I/we, are we capable of?

We all know people who have taken the Basic Lecture Series, but who have never repeated or don’t practice. Why? What happened to sap, the expansive powerful energy felt by the whole room when the graduation certificates were handed out?

Is it that away from the shared enthusiasm of other students, they lose that mental flight of magic that can attract wonderful exciting happenings into every day life, or is it that they allow stress or boring routine to claim priority, and so lose belief in their own ability to create a different reality?

And if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t believe in Magic, you will never attract it, for there is one governing Universal Law and nothing is exempt from it: What you focus on, you get more of.

Friends, with you in mind, I wrote, “Manifesting with Silva” to share my amazement and joy when I achieved things once beyond my imagination.

I wrote it because I want you, members of our Silva family, to be INSPIRED and have confidence in your ability to bring about your own longed for changes. If you can’t get to a meeting, then take more training on-line.

The Silva Manual will not fit in your pocket, but “Manifesting with Silva” will, so keep it with you as a reference, a reminder to do (even two minute) meditations, and to have something immediately at hand, your First Aid, when fear or doubt strikes. Whatever difficulties Life produces, you will be better able to cope, using the mental tools that the Silva training has given you.

You are a child of the Universe. It is time to have fun and play the “CREATING GAME!”

Better and Better. June Kidd.


Second letter from:

June Kidd, Silva Ambassador, U.K. to the Silva Method family world!

Subject: Second Invitation to Reflect.

To recap from my first letter:  Many of you will know my story that I (a dyslexic) by using the Silva ‘Mirror of the Mind’ technique, learned to spell virtually overnight and, following that and working at Alpha/Theta levels, became the author of “Unshriven” at the age of 40+! But it didn’t end there!

Can you imagine how inspired I felt when, having completed “Unshriven”  (a work I assumed of pure fiction, written  when living in the Middle East)     I was mentally guided to a hamlet deep in England’s ‘Shakespeare country’ to locate previously unknown church and manorial records, that proved my 17th century story to be historical fact!

Using my Silva training and working at Alpha/Theta levels, I had followed my very own De Vinci code!

How amazing was that!

Bearing in mind that ‘what we focus on we get more of,’ I am no longer surprised by the help that comes my way, or when business connections link to accommodate my changing needs.

Friends, with you in mind, I wrote all three of my books to share my amazement and joy when I achieved things that were once beyond my imagination as described in “Manifesting with Silva.”

I wrote these books because I want you, members of our Silva family, to be INSPIRED and have confidence in your ability to bring about your own longed-for changes but also to help others.

Personally, I will be eternally grateful to the two friends who introduced me to the Silva Method – they could have given me no greater gift. 

You too could be ‘the friend’ who opens the door of learning in 2018!

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Many of you will have friends or relatives who are at this stage; asking questions and toying with the idea of signing up in the New Year for Silva training. However it’s often difficult for even the most enthusiastic of you to convey the power and benefits of the teachings. With the New Year coming up, giving this book, “Manifesting with Silva” will answer those questions.

(The stories are factual – and it is a good holiday read!

Quote Diana Oulahan. Instructor Washington D.C: What greater gift to give than the gift of learning?”



Life, like a patchwork quilt, is made up of challenges and hopefully, solutions!

There is no one alive who has not collected emotional ‘baggage’ along the way with embarrassment and resentment, high on the list; memories that when recalled, still have the power to manipulate and have you squirming on the hook.

You might still blame yourself for something that, because of the inexperience of youth, you allowed yourself to be manipulated into doing, or saying, that you knew, deep down, was at the very least, questionable.

You might seek help in dealing with that one particular problem. You might solve it, take a deep breath and think that’s it, everything in fine again- but that’s like learning to play one tune. You never know when you will be challenged to read music!

Is that all you want in your life, one success, grateful just to cope?  If that’s what you settle for – then that’s what you will get as the Universe, obeying your innermost focus, delivers more of the same.

But you are worth so much more, so why limit yourself?

Once you have taken the full Silva Method training, you (and your children) will be able to cope more confidently and efficiently with any challenges that come your way and able  then, to take full advantage of advanced and selective courses.

You become part of a family of forward looking people. You will be creating a better world with less negativity as you rewrite your past (viewed from a different angle) and create an ever expanding joyful future, knowing you have the mental tools to cope.

Make the rest of your life be the best of your life.

Better and Better. June Kidd.


June discusses her introduction to the Silva Method and how she wrote her first novel, Unshriven


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